Small things are the most powerful. The colors of sunset. A child's laughter. Human touch.

Combined, they change the world. Each tiny chloroplast on each leaf of each green plant releases oxygen. One little chloroplast couldn't keep an ant alive. Combined across the world, they sustain human life on earth. I am very thankful for small things.

I also like to set big goals. Like start an outdoor lifestyle business (more on this later). And to run the Bear Mountain 50K ultramarathon in May 2015. Now for some, these goals may not seem very big, but they sure are for me. I certainly never thought I'd be an entrepreneur. (I'm an ecologist!) I also never thought I'd race. In my ardor to avoid competition, I even avoided the finish line of the only 'race' I've ever participated in, a 5k fun run hosted by Scenic Hudson. **

I run for me. I run the route I want, when I want, and if I want to stop and watch a prairie warbler sing for a while, I will. My runs are a win every time. But here I am, convinced by a great friend that running an ultra is different. That it'll be fun, with great people who are crazy enough to run mountains like me--for fun!

And so...I'm in! With one big goal ahead, I'm doing what I always do--focusing on the small things. Every day. I'm having to be more intentional with my training to build fitness while protecting my knees. More shorter runs intermixed with the long runs, core training, fewer mountains (sigh), more thoughtful nutrition, new habits. All the small things together will help me accomplish something big.

Today, I'm taking advantage of my winter training grounds to go for an unsually short (3 miles), flat (FLAT!) run. But as I blithely ignore the smooth, FLAT path, I'll enjoy watching the pelicans, black skimmers, ring-billed gulls, and cormorants.

Small things make my day, every day.