Let us guide your next adventure!

Whether you're hiking, trail running, camping, or kayaking—we know where to go, how long it will take, what you should pack, the coolest stuff along the way, and where to go for dinner and drinks after.  You won't have to worry about getting lost, treating an injury, or encountering a bear solo—we've got you covered.  Traveling with us gives you the freedom to enjoy your surroundings and learn more from a knowledgeable and skilled outdoor guide. 

In short, we will help you have your best adventure! 


Quality is all we offer.

That's why we only lead trips to the best places, offer the best snacks, and keep group sizes small.  Most trips are limited to 6-8 people to provide everyone more opportunity to connect with fellow adventurers, your guide, and the natural world. You can read more about our company ethic here.

Treat your friends to a Custom adventure, or make new ones on a Social Trip.  Trips start at $44 /person for half-day hikes; 54$ /person for kayak trips.